TOP downloaded articles 2023

(14. 02. 2024)

The most downloaded articles of the Czech Journal of Tourism on Sciendo published by deGruyter:

  1. Zoo Tourism: What Actually Is a Zoo? by Lukáš Nekolný and Dana Fialová (download)
  2. Anthropology of Tourism: Researching Interactions between Hosts and Guests by Barbora Půtová (download)
  3. Reviewing the Past to Inform the Future: A Literature Review of Social Media in Tourism by Zohreh Z. Zarezadeh, H. Raymond Rastegar and Ulrike Gretzel (download)
  4. Global Geotourism – An Emerging Form of Sustainable Tourism by Ross K. Dowling (download)
  5. Smart Tourism: Concepts and Insights from Central Europe by Tomáš Gajdošík (download)
  6. Visitor management in protected areas by Josef Zelenka and Jaroslav Kacetl (download)